PdgnCo: The Pdgn Collective

What is PdgnCo?

PdgnCo (or pdgn for short) was a small IRC network founded on October 27th, 2014 by Aaron Weiss as an autonomous internet community to discuss tech, software, politics, media, and more. Its goal was to exist as a friendly, inclusive space for community discussion on an internet increasingly dominated by just a few multinational corporations. Pdgn officially shut down on July 4th, 2020.

How did Pdgn operate?

Pdgn was maintained solely by its founder, Aaron Weiss—known around these parts as awe. The day-to-day decisions about maintenance were largely decided by him, but were all reported publicly in #pdgn. Community opinions were incorporated into every major decision about the network. The network was hosted on DigitalOcean and funded out-of-pocket by awe. Pdgn has an official mascot named Pidgey. She was lovingly designed by Shannon Sheu, and later carefully vectorized by Grant Wu.