PdgnCo: The Pdgn Collective

What is PdgnCo?

PdgnCo (or pdgn for short) is a small IRC network founded on October 27th, 2014 by Aaron Weiss as an autonomous internet community to discuss tech, software, politics, media, and more. Its goal is to exist as a friendly, inclusive space for community discussion on an internet increasingly dominated by just a few multinational corporations. Pdgn reflects and embodies the spirit and values of its community. For transparency, we have a warrant canary posted here.

What are these values?

  1. Transparency – All major network decisions are decided publicly in #pdgn.
  2. Autonomy – Administrators only intervene for the health of the network.
  3. Privacy – There is no server-side chat logging or inspection whatsoever.
  4. Education – pdgn is a place of learning, and aims to encourage it always.
  5. Community – pdgn aims to foster friendship and compelling conversation.

How do I access Pdgn?

You can access the network via your favorite IRC client. For graphical clients, we recommend the aptly-named Pidgin on Windows and Linux, and Textual on macOS. In the way of terminal clients, many of our members swear by weechat. Once you've found a client, you can connect to the network via irc.pdgn.co. It's important to note that the network is only accessible over SSL, and uses the standard SSL port 6697. For better latency, you may wish to access a regional server instead. Below you'll find a table of our servers, and their locations.

Server Name Server Address Server Location
Columba columba.pdgn.co New York, NY
Raphus raphus.pdgn.co San Francisco, CA

How does Pdgn operate?

Pdgn is maintained solely by its founder, Aaron Weiss—known around these parts as awe. The day-to-day decisions about maintenance are largely decided by him, but are all reported publicly in #pdgn. Community opinions are incorporated into every major decision about the network. The network is hosted on DigitalOcean and funded out-of-pocket by awe. Pdgn has an official mascot named Pidgey. She was lovingly designed by Shannon Sheu, and later carefully vectorized by Grant Wu.