Pidgey: the pdgn mascot

What is PdgnCo?

PdgnCo (or pdgn for short) is a small IRC network founded on October 27th, 2014 by Aaron Weiss as a bastion of democratic autonomism on the Internet. We also operate a community blog that can be found here. You'll find both insightful writings from community members, as well as network status updates there. Pdgn aims to consistently embody the spirit and values of its community. We have a warrant canary posted here. Our mascot's name is Pidgey. She was lovingly designed by the talented Shannon Sheu, and vectorized by Grant Wu.

What are these values?

  1. Education ‐ This network is a place of learning, and aims to encourage it when possible.
  2. Democracy ‐ All major network decisions are decided publicly in #pdgn.
  3. Autonomy ‐ Server operators will only intervene for the health of the network.
  4. Free Speech ‐ Censorship of any kind is not condoned on this network.
  5. Privacy ‐ There is absolutely no server-side logging on the network.

How do I access Pdgn?

You can access the network via your favorite IRC client. For graphical clients, we recommend the aptly-named Pidgin on Windows and Linux, and Textual on OS X. In the way of terminal clients, many of our members swear by weechat. Once you've found a client, you can connect to the network via It's important to note that the network is only accessible over SSL, and uses the standard SSL port 6697. You may wish to access a regional server instead. Below you'll find a table of in-network servers, and their approximate locations.

Server Name Server Address Server Location
Columba New York, NY
Raphus San Francisco, CA
Turtur Frankfurt, Germany

Perhaps uniquely, Pdgn is also accessible in its entirety over Hyperboria, a secure and decentralized network using cjdns. As a general rule of thumb, everything can be accessed through Hyperboria by prepending h. to its address. So, general network access is available via Although cjdns has network-level encryption in place, for logistical reasons, you must still connect with SSL. Below you'll find a reproduction of the earlier table but with each server's Hyperboria address.

Server Name Hyperboria Address Server Location
Columba New York, NY
Raphus San Francisco, CA
Turtur Frankfurt, Germany

How is Pdgn operated?

Pdgn is currently operated solely by its founder, Aaron Weiss. This means that there's absolutely no administrative bureaucracy of any sort, and there's only one person that you have to trust to keep the network values uncompromised. You can find him on the network as awe, where he's just about always hanging around in #pdgn.

Pdgn is currently funded out of pocket by its founder, but also accepts donations. Donations can be made via Bitcoin to the official PdgnCo wallet, 1BZmyVhDu3p6xqsnat81fYD7hm3ZqR2bf. All donations will go immediately towards paying for existing and additional network hardware. Maintenance of the network is a volunteer service, and as such, none of the donations will be taken for personal use.